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A good understanding of oceanographic conditions reduces uncertainty in engineering specifications, provides help in operational planning, leads to reduced costs, and enhances safety and operational efficiency.

Geoterrain is in a position to provide commercial oceanographic consulting services, especially in assisting coastal and frontier road infrastructure and construction. We have professionals in all oceanographic surveys for all creeks, estuaries, rivers, and marine works. Our experts use the state of the art equipment and softwares to collect process and interpret current velocities, tidal, wave, water flux, ocean current, met-ocean data. Similarly, the assessment of Coastal and marine hazard like erosion, siltation, and scouring, buried pipeline or other metallic debris, flooding assessment and storm surge monitoring are also part of our in-house expertise.

We  can assist you in conducting numerous types of field studies, including habitat and sensitivity mapping, biological sampling and analysis for wetlands, creeks bays, harbors, pipeline surveys, near surface geological and hazard structures and open coastal environments; water quality sampling and analysis; mitigation planning and monitoring studies for wetlands, bays, harbours, and open coastal habitats; and technical report. We ensure the most efficient handling of quality meteorological and oceanographic surveys of bathymetry, depth sounding and cartography. The data generated can be used as a pre-impact assessment of the area.

Geoterrain has expertise for modeling the physical processes in coastal areas, estuaries, lakes, lagoon etc. This includes 2D and 3D models, flow and surge simulation models, sediment transport models, and contaminant dispersion models of oceanographic condition which reduces uncertainty in engineering specifications, provides help in operational planning, leads to reduced costs, and enhances safety and operational efficiency.

Geoterrain offers the following services as listed below:

  • Oceanography and Marine geotechnical investigations
    • Inspection of underwater structures such as pipelines, cable route, bridge pilings, dams, etc.
    • Pre or Post-Dredging Assessment surveys
    • Bridge scours assessment surveys
  • Oceanography and marine surveys
    • Bathymetrymodeling surveys
    • Water flux measurement
    • Sub-bottom Profiling Services
    • Sediment sampling services
    • Saltwater Intrusion studies and Marine Sound Velocity Profiles studies
    • Foot of slope and sediment thickness measurement along the extended continental shelf