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Geophysical Services

Geophysical Services

Seismic Interpretation

At Geoterrain Nigeria limited, we have built and developed the capacity in both physical infrastructure and human resources to carry out top notch seismic processing – with our technical partner – and value-added seismic interpretation including application of high resolution sequence stratigraphy in basin evaluation and modelling. Some of our deliverables (depending on clients’ requirements) include but not limited to; Time structure maps with faults; Depth structure maps with faults; Seismic facies maps for reservoir; source, or seal analysis; Seismic amplitude maps for DHI analysis; Thickness maps inferred from seismic tuning analysis; Fault plane maps; Fault plane maps with cross-fault sand juxtaposition for seal analysis; Isochron or isopach maps;  Seismic velocity maps for lithology determination or depth conversion; and Volumetric analysis.

Shallow Gas GeoHazard Studies

This involves the prediction of potential drilling hazards that may be posed by shallow gas accumulation using high resolution geophysical techniques. The Geoterrain approach to shallow geo-hazard evaluation has enhanced our clients drilling plans and consistent record of drilling safety in Niger Delta and environ.

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The gas zones are related to gas stacked against fault, interpreted to be sourced at depth migrated along the fault plane to form a shallow gas accumulation at shallow depth, less than 800m The gas zones are related to gas interpreted to be biogenic in origin trapped within shallow sediments, not related to structure, purely stratigraphic

Reservoir Characterization and Optimization

Predicting production behaviour of hydrocarbon reservoirs enable assessment and reduction of the uncertainties in production behaviour of our clients’ latent and producing reservoirs, with the aim to increase the production efficiency and also to increase the ultimate recovery by locating by-passed hydrocarbons within our clients’ assets. This is achieved through the integration of various subsurface data, analogue data, inversion and in-house knowledge driven modelling.


Reservoir Modeling

An accurate representation in 3-D of the subsurface and its petrophysical content is essential for both structural and stratigraphic models in any reservoir studies. This involves the use of all available data to develop geologically realistic property models. It involves integrating seismic attributes, well data, and geologic concepts to generate these models