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Geological Services

Geological Services

Basin Analysis and Prospect Evaluation

At Geoterrain, we apply integrated multidisciplinary approach to hydrocarbon exploration, aimed at adding positive values to and improving on the knowledge of our clients’ assets and portfolio. This is a tool that assists to analyze and interpret the genetic component that makes up a sedimentary basin. The identification of these genetic components constitutes the petroleum system i.e. source rocks, reservoir rocks, seals and their associated complex trapping mechanism (stratigraphic or structural traps). Geoterrain is positioned to assist in identification of these components and their import to refined assessment of,

  • a robust hydrocarbon portfolio
  • bypassed compartmentalized hydrocarbon reservoir units.
  • undiscovered and underdeveloped reservoirs and associated resources.


We at Geoterrain apply integrated multidisciplinary sequence stratigraphy approach to hydrocarbon exploration, with the aim to increasing our ability to predict hydrocarbon occurrence in the subsurface of frontier area, to improve and continue to add positive values to  the knowledge of our clients’ assets and portfolio. This tool helps in understanding stratigraphic relationships by providing a stratigraphic hierarchy based on observational criteria and also assists in providing a geologic framework, to create play maps that depict spatial and temporal stratigraphic variation in terms of gross depositional environment setting. It also allows for interpretations of potential source rocks and reservoir rocks in both frontier areas, having seismic data but limited well control and in more mature hydrocarbon provinces.

Sequences tend to show cyclicity of changes in relative sea level and widespread unconformities, processes of sedimentation and sources of sediments, climate and tectonic activity over time.

We in conjunction with our client subject matter experts help in the prediction of reservoir continuity which is currently a key question in mature hydrocarbon provinces where sequence Stratigraphy is being applied.

Physical description and geometric relations of seismic reflections or rock units guide interpretation of the rock record, not conceptual models of sea-level variation or age-duration and the system tracts provide a natural scheme to classify reservoirs.

Field data cores Facies recognition Associated depositional settings
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Geoterrain is a leading geotechnical service provider.  Our services include

  • Soil sampling
  • Seabed sampling
  • Spud Can Analysis
  • Material testing
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Triaxial shear Test
  • Rock sampling
  • On- site testing

Borehole log penetration test results -Piezometer


We provide mud logging services that assist in

  • Examining rock cuttings
  • Characterize the various encountered lithologies while drilling
  • Monitor and estimate hydrocarbon (oil and gas) shows
  • Optimise drilling efficiency
  • Mitigate drilling hazards
  • Improve well safety

Pore pressure monitoring and prediction