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Geoterrain provides geochemical solutions which helps to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of our client’s oil wells as part of its exploration and delineation activities. This undoubtedly will provide our clients with improved decision tools and also enhance the robustness of their portfolio. The main objective of this service is to Investigate the richness, and state of maturity of the hydrocarbon source rocks of our client wells.

Based on our experiences, availability of cutting edge technology and techniques, seasoned Partners and in-depth knowledge base from similar geochemical services or study works that we have successfully carried out within the Niger Delta Basin.

We provide independent expertise in geochemical consulting services that satisfies E&P need for oil and gas and mineral exploration industries. In conjunction with our partners, we specialize in providing a sound and applicable geochemical data processing and interpretation that add value through reduced drilling risk, increased chance of success and cost effective management. We are well positioned to carry out various geochemical services which include

  • Total organic carbon determination
  • Determination of source rock properties by Rock-Eval pyrolysis
  • Optical examination of organic matter
  • Vitrinite reflectance analysis and
  • Kerogen description analysis