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Geoterrain management believes that a strong management leadership is critical to promoting an atmosphere to reducing risks and our senior personnel provide a leading role towards constant HSE improvement through leadership and communication.

We recognise that;

The environment is a global village and there is need for environmental sustainability. Proper protection and preservation of the environment is an important factor for business decision making as we seek solutions to various environmental issues in an environmentally compliant manner

Our Health, Safety and Environment guidelines and procedures are built on tested concepts that a healthy and safe society requires maintenance of a high ethical standard associated with good staff character, compassion for the environment and competency to deliver high quality work on promise. Hence, at Geoterrain, our project activities are executed within the ambient of world recognized HSE standards to the benefit of our employees, stakeholders, various arms of government and the general public.

It is GtN social responsibility to communicate effectively with the local community(s) and continue to strive for minimal disruption that will affect the people’s daily operations.

Across our project activities, we prioritize absolute zero fatality with the integration of HSE in our business. As such, GtN is dedicated to continuous improvement in all our HSE standards and practices.