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About Us

Geoterrain Nigeria Limited is a fully service, geological, geophysical, integrated environmental, engineering, oceanography and marine consulting company with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. It is incorporated as a limited company (RC 373716) under the laws of Nigeria to engage in a specific and specialized scope of business within the mining industry i.e. oil and gas, solid mineral, integrated environmental, engineering; oceanographic and marine services, training and government related consultancies in line with our Memorandum and Article of Association.

As an independent consulting company, we are committed to excellence in job execution and maintain a high international ethical standard in service delivery. Of high priority is the motivation of our staff in pursuance of their well-being, including their family members, clients and community(s) in our catchment area, through the maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment.

We provide cutting edge hands-on professional solutions for your projects, in a timely and cost effective manner, while adhering to HSE and community compliant procedures.

Our primary focus is to provide our customers with improved decision tools, i.e. integrated sequence stratigraphy, prospect evaluation, risk based contaminant management (RBCA), shoreline clean-up assessment (SCAT), onshore & offshore environmental assessment and remediation, and continental shelf extension studies, coastal hazards assessment and mitigation that will assist them in accessing and evaluating their known and latent resources. These resources will include but not limited to hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation; environmental, complimentary power generation, salt mining, mineral exploration, and coastal/marine management in their portfolio build up. We also provide enhanced management training in these fields.